exiting vim changes background colour of console

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Thu Oct 20 00:18:00 GMT 2005

Robert Bram wrote:

> None of the PS1s above fix the issue! I.e. when I open a console I see what I want: console with white background and black foreground, with the prompt rendered as black foreground on grey background, but then whenever I do a man, less, vim and exit, the screen get a black background that I can make go away by pressing "ENTER" repeatedly i.e. shifting the black off screen.

If you want to set the default FG and BG of the console you should not
try to do it with the prompt, you should set it when the console is
created.  See my previous reply.  It will be very hard to control the
overall default color of the console by adding escape sequences to the
prompt, because it is not designed to work like that.


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