Bug in rxvt.bat (Was: rxvt malfunctioning with us-laptop keyboard)

Rodrigo Medina rodmedina@cantv.net
Thu Oct 20 20:56:00 GMT 2005

In a previous message I reported that rxvt was converting Shift-h to
Ctrl-h. It was not so. The problem is due to a bug in rxvt.bat and to
the peculiar way rxvt handles the BackSpace key.
In rxvt without options the BackSpace key yields "^?" and Crtl-BackSpace
yields "^H". In the shell `stty -a'  says `erase = ^?', BUT ALSO ^H erases.
Giving `stty sane' sets `erase = ^H', then only ^H erases (Crl-h or
Ctrl-BackSpace). If one sets `stty erase ^?', then only BackSpace, that
yields "^?", erases.
In rxvt.bat there is the option `-backspacekey ^H', but actually the
Windows cmd-shell filters the "^" symbol and one gets that the BackSpace key
and the Ctrl-BackSpace key actually yield "H", but rxvt also modifies stty,
so `stty -a' says `erase = H', but as in the original case also Ctrl-h
If one gives `stty sane' one sets `erase = ^H', one can verify that
Shift-h, BackSpace and Ctrl-Backspace yield "H". One may erase with Ctrl-H.

Solution: Put in rxvt.bat `-backspacekey "^H"'


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