nftw() [Was: "Unusual" contribution licensing problems]

Érsek László
Fri Oct 21 01:35:00 GMT 2005

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Érsek Låszló wrote:
> > after grepping the cygwin mailing list and my up-to-date cygwin
> > installation for "nftw" and "fts_open", I thought that it could make sense
> > (and fun) to implement nftw().
> Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the whole discussion is moot
> because these functions were added to Cygwin several months ago by
> Corinna: <>.

Thank you for the information.

I looked at "fts.c" (1.1) and "nftw.c" (1.2). Since nftw() is handled as a
special case of fts_*(),

	/* XXX - nfds is currently unused */

And currently,

	/* Logical walks turn on NOCHDIR; symbolic links are too hard. */

I took care to support these features of nftw().

Furthermore, fts_*() is nonstandard, nftw() is standard. Of course, it is
possible that fts_*(), as specified, is superior to nftw(), as specified.

It is also possible that barely any application uses FTW_CHDIR without
FTW_PHYS, while many applications use fts_*(). Finally, PTC.

Apart from some grouching that I missed the "deadline" in August (which
actually is fortunate for everyone, I admit), I'm happy that cygwin
provides nftw(). I suppose it will appear in cygwin-1.5.19-1.

Thanks again! (And sorry for crossposting, I hope it's not forbidden.)


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