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Eric Blake
Sat Oct 22 15:37:00 GMT 2005

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According to Arend-Jan Westhoff on 10/22/2005 7:02 AM:
>>It works for me.  You'll have to help by giving me a better formula for
>>reproducing the problem.  What does "info -w bash" print?  Also, could you
>>please follow the problem-reporting directions below, and attach
>> cygcheck.out?
> I can reproduce the problem.

I don't know if you are reproducing the same problem as the OP, since the
OP didn't exactly print what error message he was getting, but you
certainly reproduced a problem.

>  	info -w bash
> produces:
>  	gunzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--crc error
>  	gunzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--length error
>  	/usr/share/info/

> E:\cygwin                          /                         system
> E:\cygwin/bin                      /usr/bin                  system
> E:\cygwin/lib                      /usr/lib                  system
> E:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\lib\X11\fonts  /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts  system  binmode
> .                                  /cygdrive                 system

This is probably because you've mounted / as textmode.  I don't know if it
is a bug in info or in gunzip for not opening files in binary even when
they live in a textmode directory, but if you would use a binary mount,
your problem should go away.

> When run from cmd or bash.
> Whereas:
>  	7z t

7z is not a cygwin program (although I have built it for cygwin, and may
consider packaging it since I already package tar).

> 	gzip -tv
> Produces:
>    OK
> When run from cmd or bash.
> But running:
>  	gunzip
> Or:
>  	gunzip -tv
> from a cmd shell. Brings up a message box titled:
>  	16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem
> with contents:
>  	... - gunzip
>  	The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.

That would be because gunzip is a symlink, and does not know how
to run symlinks.  You need a cygwin shell to exec a cygwin symlink.  (Hmm,
maybe that is related to why is reporting an error for info -w
bash, since info is apparently trying to use gunzip rather than gzip -d).

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