Error creating files in /tmp

Alastair Burnett
Sun Oct 23 19:42:00 GMT 2005


I have an 'interesting' problem - we have some
software tools which require cygwin. For various
reasons, we can't install cygwin on a local machine -
all that the tools require is the cygwin1.dll and
bash.exe, in theory at least. 

The tools and cygwin dependancies are all running from
a mapped network drive - say f:\tools\bin.

Now, when I run the tools from another mapped drive -
say a g: drive, I initially got the error about not
being able to find a /tmp directory, so I simply did
'mkdir /tmp' and got past this. However, now the tools
bail out because it can't create a file in /tmp -
which is the problem I'm having. Anyone got any idea
how to get round this - as I mention, we can't do a
full install of cygwin on the local machine, which
would solve the problem quite easily.

If I start a bash shell (i.e. from f:\tools\bin) then
I'm able to create files without any problem - so I'm
not sure why I get this error when using the tools I'm
working with ...

Any help is most welcome.



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