When are Windows Short Path Names required

zzapper david@tvis.co.uk
Mon Oct 24 10:33:00 GMT 2005

On Sun, 23 Oct 2005 17:26:50 -0700,  wrote:

>zzapper wrote:

>Sometimes it can be hard, especially when you are dealing with both
>Cygwin and non-Cygwin programs, because the quoting rules differ.  But
>it is always possible, and I can't believe that there exists a situation
>where you are actually forced to use the short filename.  If you have
>one, post it.

See script below sja.exe is actually in program files, my kludge below was to use a mount (rather
than the short name)

(sja.exe is SQLYOG Job Agent)


eval filedate=$(date.exe '+%d%b%y')

ls -l c:/backup/dosh/doshautoexport.sql

sjarun="$sjaprog $sjascript";

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