another manifestation of the .. bug

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Oct 25 13:27:00 GMT 2005

On Oct 25 07:07, Eric Blake wrote:
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> The fact that cygwin incorrectly flattens /name/../ to / in pathname
> resolution without first resolving name is triggering a failure in a new
> test recently added to the coreutils testsuite.
> mkdir -p dir/.. && test -d dir
> should always succeed when dir did not exist beforehand, but because
> cygwin is flattening stat("dir/..") into stat(".") rather than failing
> with the required ENOENT when dir does not yet exist, mkdir does not go on
> to create dir.  I can work around this issue in coreutils by making mkdir
> - -p never use its initial stat() to short-circuit directory creation, but
> this will penalize normal usage because it will force calling mkdir for
> every name in the chain even when the ultimate directory already exists.
> I would much rather see a fix in cygwin so that coreutils would work out
> of the box in this case.
> Yes, I know,  And yes, I realize that
> such a change, if it is to ever happen, would be post-1.5.19, because of
> its potential impact.

And I really can't see how "one testcase fails because Cygwin allows
something which should fail according to POSIX" qualifies for "coreutils
doesn't work out of the box on Cygwin".  Does the coreutils testsuite
not allow per-target XFAILs?


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