cygwin-setup & rebaseall

Satish Balay
Tue Oct 25 16:36:00 GMT 2005

On Mon, 24 Oct 2005, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Automatically running rebaseall from setup.exe has issues too.  For one
> thing, it would run into problems if the user had programs or services
> running.  The rebaseall script bails if it cannot write to a DLL, so
> unless the user was very careful to close all running programs, it would
> fail in almost all cases.  Rebaseall would have to be modified to rebase
> in-use DLLs, but this would require the user to reboot.  And, somehow
> this would have to be communicated to setup.exe so it could notify the
> user.  Plus, consider if setup.exe installed a DLL that was in use
> (writing it to, and scheduling that for replacement at next
> boot) and then rebaseall was run.  The rebaseall script would have to
> know to rebase and not name.dll.  It just gets more and
> more complicated.  The only workable solution would be to incorporate
> the entire rebaseall functionality internally into setup.exe, which is
> not an insignificant undertaking, and one which no one is eager to
> undertake.

Doesn't setup have similar problem with updating 'packages' for
running apps? I think it prompts for a reboot to complete. So I'm
guessing the same approach can be used when it needs a rebase.

> On top of that, there is a problem with running out of address space.  I
> don't think this happens (yet!) with the official packages but someone
> has reported that it can happen if you suppliment an installation with
> some of the Cygwin ports like KDE.  So this solution of rebasing every
> single DLL is clearly not scaleable into the future, unless the Cygwin
> DLL's memory layout is rearranged, or unless DLLs are rebased into
> another memory space.

Ok - here you are claiming there are fundamental problems with cygwin
which rebase might not be able to fix.


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