AllVersions: Running Cygwin X w/ Registy Entries

Igor Pechtchanski
Wed Oct 26 01:45:00 GMT 2005

On Tue, 25 Oct 2005, gtg793x wrote:

> Quoting Igor Pechtchanski <pechtcha@XX.XXX.XXX>:

<>.  Thanks.

> > See "man mount".  Please, please, please don't manipulate the registry
> > directly if you want to stay portable.  You can easily create a batch file
> > to reproduce the mounts properly.
> > ...
> > "User mounts" is the answer.  The CURRENT_USER tree is usually writable.
> > Make sure you don't write over the existing settings if they are present.
> Current XP computers I am trying to run this into give me: "Registry
> Editing has been Disabled by your administrator." even if I try to write
> to Current_User

This is weird.  Most applications won't work properly without being able
to write to the registry.  Are you sure that it isn't simply that the
regedit functions are disabled?  Are you using another tool to edit the
registry?  What user do you log in as?  What OS do you use?

> All I am trying to keep portable is the X server thus XWIN.exe is the
> only executable I have, the only one I execute. After running the X
> server as the background server I am tunneling the packets using Putty /
> Securecrt.
> I am not able to 'mount' anything since I never run the cygwin
> environment. Just the x server. And I can only run it after adding info
> to the registry entries.

You run a *Cygwin* X server.  Which is a Cygwin program.  This means that
it loads cygwin1.dll, which *is* the Cygwin environment.  You may not run
a shell, but mount is a separate executable (which is about 10k).  Simply
include that on your flash drive, and run it directly from that drive (you
can also create a batch file for this -- see a very nice example posted by
Svend Sorensen <>). HTH,
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