Running ssh in background [solution/patch]

Brian Dessent
Wed Oct 26 10:13:00 GMT 2005

Jörg Schaible wrote:

> OK. Works in rxvt, but not in a plain Windows console.

That's because rxvt doesn't use a Windows console, it uses a Cygwin pty.

-mwindows essentially just tells the system to not allocate a Windows
console to the process when it is created.  This means if the program
reads or writes its I/O through a pipe or file redirection it will be
fine, but if it is expected to output to or from a console it will fail
because nothing is connected.  The process can manually allocate a
console for itself, but that's extra needless complication.  (And from
what I recall of the setup.exe --help threads, there's also some
complication with an API that only exists on XP and beyond.)

> > It seems easy enough to build ssh this way if that's what you need.
> For personal need yes, for distribution in an organisation, this is different. Maybe more complaining users might change your mind some day ;-) At least it is in the records now.

You might make more traction by suitably patching the 'run' utility so
that it also supports pipes.  Then you could use 'run' to launch the
standard /bin/ssh without the console window.


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