[ITP] run.exe was Re: Running ssh in background [solution/patch]

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Wed Oct 26 19:29:00 GMT 2005

Alexander Gottwald wrote:

>>Incidentally, I have a few patches to run.exe.  Where should I send them?

Err...dunno.  I'd say cygwin mailing list, because both I(*) and ago 
will see them there.

(*) as if it matters :-)

> To me. I did not found any canonical upstream location anymore.

Technically, the upstream location is
but that version was originally adapted (by me) from a similar program 
distributed by XEmacs (I think there was also some later 
cross-pollination between "my" version and the XEmacs one)

However, I haven't actively maintained the fruitbat.org version in AGES 
-- once run.exe was absorbed into the cygwin-x distro and then 
subsequently forked, I didn't see the need: as far as I was concerned, 
the "official" one was the one maintained by the X folks, and my 
"original" was simply a historical footnote.

I am *not* upset about this, and it was perfectly GPL-acceptable for 
Suhaib(I think) to have absorbed run.exe into the x-dist instead of 
asking Xusers to download an unofficial non-setup-compatible utility 
from some-randome-website.

> It seems
> "Charles S. Wilson once wrote this but there have been many patches 
> since it was packaged in X-startup-scripts.

Yes, that is absolutely true.  Even I consider the x-startup-scripts 
version to be the canonical cygwin run.exe.

I'm willing to "re-take" run.exe and incorporate it into the cygutils 
pakcage IF Brian/Igor/ago want me to do so; otherwise I fully support 
Brian's ITP of run as an independent package.


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