AllVersions: Running Cygwin X w/ Registy Entries

Chris Taylor
Thu Oct 27 10:02:00 GMT 2005

Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> * Dave Korn (2005-10-26 19:45 +0100)
>>Thorsten Kampe wrote:
>>>* Chris Taylor (2005-10-26 17:38 +0100)
>>>>Problem with that is that if the sysadmin knows what he's doing, it only
>>>>takes about 4 seconds to block off almost all possible ways of actually
>>>>editing the registry...
>>>Definitely not. 
>>  Oh yes it does.  Start->Run->regedit.  Right-click the user's tree under
>>HKEY_USERS, choose Permissions, remove their write access leaving them a
>>read-only per-user registry tree.  Easily done in 4 seconds by an experienced
>>BOFH, and can't be reversed without admin rights!
> Yea, sure. And how many programms will you be able to run in that
> configuration? Will you even be able to logon? Anyway: mount won't
> work in that scenario either (because it modifies the registry).

I can't say about mount, but pretty much any program will work, logging 
on will not be an issue.
You just won't be able to change _anything_ in your logins setup that 
depends on the registry. This is an important point.
You'd basically be able to create new favourites (unless said BOFH had 
disabled that too - not hard), and new documents in your home drive / 
shared work area.



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