Hang with 20051018 (3rd version) snapshot while building OOo

Volker Quetschke quetschke@scytek.de
Thu Oct 27 17:05:00 GMT 2005

>>I only paste/attach the 20051024 info, if there is interest I can also send
>>the 20051023 info.
> I would like to see the old strace and any other straces you have to see
> if there's any pattern to something I'm noticing.
I got a few more, but before spamming this list with straces I have
some news. "We" managed to reproduce the hangs on that particular
machine more easily now, but I didn't have the time yet to try
to reproduce it on my machines. I hope tonight ...

But I can relay the answers to the following questions:
> I don't see any large times being reported at the beginning of the strace.
> I'd expect that if you notice the hang, attach to the process, and then
> do the "ls /proc/<hangpid>/fd".  Can you give me a feel for times of:

First reproducibility: Initially the 20051024 hung every ~ 10 minutes,
but "now" (At the time I got the email) it is running for more than
15 hours.
> - noticed the problem
1 min - several hours, then doing ps and cygcheck.

> - attached to process with strace
5-10 minutes after noticing (max)

> - performed ls
 < 1 min (right after...)


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