mksh (shell)

Thorsten Glaser
Fri Oct 28 19:02:00 GMT 2005


I'm the maintainer of mksh, the MirBSD Korn Shell, an improved pdksh derivate
which has been packaged for BSD Ports, Debian GNU/Linux, Gentoo GNU/Linux,
Crux GNU/Linux, Mac OS X Fink, and works under Interix and Solaris as well.

An older version worked under Cygwin, but I do not have a shell account on a
Cygwin box where I could test that, so I cannot promise our current version
(25) works under Cygwin.

If people can give me a ssh account on a publically reachable Cygwin box
(IPv6 or IPv4), I will test that.

If someone wants to make a Cygwin package out of mksh, I'd be very glad.
Your name will be listed on the mksh homepage (currently
) as contributor as well.

Sorry for the "people, please do XXX" but my ressorces are limited, my
responsibilities as BSD developer high, and I only have one Windows box
which is already occupied with Interix.

Thanks in advance!


PS: Making a package should be dead easy, besides, you can look at
    the aforementioned ports for further hints.
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