mksh (shell)

Gerrit P. Haase
Sat Oct 29 15:32:00 GMT 2005

Thorsten Glaser wrote:

> Gerrit P. Haase dixit:
>>Yes.  Fritz Box Fon.
>>>These block 445/tcp/ipv4 totally, non-disablable and undocumentedly,
>>>just to "protect" some Windows® systems.
>>I cannot believe it.  Are there other ports blocked which I should be
>>aware of?
> I have no idea. We just found this out by accident - I was at a
> friend's place and wanted to install him jupp (a joe-editor fork,
> another piece of code by me)...
> What about a written inquiry to AVM?

It is incredible annoying to be patronized like a child, at least it
should be possible to disable the blocking.   However, I have not much
interest to start a discussion with AVM, and I have the option to use
another line with another router which doesn't block any port.

I found all Netbios ports but 445 configured in the main configuration
file of the box, I could disable the blocking of 135 and 137-139 but
not 445.


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