problem with displaying graphical chars in mc under rxvt (CYGWIN=codepage:oem didnt fix it)

Pavel Tsekov
Mon Oct 31 09:20:00 GMT 2005

On Sat, 29 Oct 2005, Andy Kosela wrote:

> I got a problem with displaying graphical characters in mc 4.6.1-2
> under rxvt 2.7.10-6. The lines are screwed up. I tried setting
> CYGWIN=codepage:oem but the problem persists. When I launch bash under
> everything is ok with mc. It only happens in rxvt. I'm using
> courier fonts set in ~/.Xdefaults
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Quoting an excerpt from /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/mc-4.6.1.README:

o Why don't line drawing characters work ?

  That depends, on how do you run Midnight Commander.

  If you start MC from a console window, you need to add the
  option to the CYGWIN environment variable. There are many ways to do
  some are operating system specific others are shell specific. For
  from a Bourne like shell you can type:

    export CYGWIN="$CYGWIN codepage:oem"

  If you run MC in a native rxvt window (as opposed to rxvt running
  under X), you need:

    1) A font, which supports line drawing characters.

    2) A terminfo entry, which contains correct information about which
       characters are used to do the line drawing with that font.

  Once you have the font and the terminfo entry installed, you have to
  set the TERM environment variable to the name of the terminfo entry
  and then start rxvt, instructing it to use the font with line drawing

    export TERM="terminfo-entry-name"
    rxvt -fn "font-name" [other-rxvt-options]

  You can get a font with line drawing characters here:

  This font must be used together with the 'rxvt-cygwin-native' terminfo
  entry. This terminfo entry is provided by the Cygwin terminfo database.

    export TERM="cygwin-rxvt-native"
    rxvt -fn "Lucida ConsoleP-14" ...

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