Wanted: Help translating classpath from CMD.EXE to bash

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Mon Oct 31 18:41:00 GMT 2005

On Mon, 31 Oct 2005, Siegfried Heintze wrote:

> Can someone help me translate this to bash? It works with CMD.EXE. java
> and javac are programs for sun that are not cygwin based so I believe
> they want windows style file specifications and not cygwin/bash/unix
> style file specifications.
> Here is the CMD.EXE script:
> SET CLASSPATH=.;c:\dev\xalan\xalan-j_2_7_0\samples\xsltcservlet.jar;c:\dev\xalan\xalan-j_2_7_0\samples\xsltcejb.jar;c:\dev\xalan\xalan-j_2_7_0\samples\xsltcbrazil.jar;c:\dev\xalan\xalan-j_2_7_0\samples\xsltcapplet.jar;c:\dev\xalan\xalan-j_2_7_0\samples\xalansamples.jar;c:\dev\xalan\xalan-j_2_7_0\serializer.jar;c:\dev\xalan\xalan-j_2_7_0\xalan.jar;c:\dev\xalan\xalan-j_2_7_0\xercesImpl.jar;c:\dev\xalan\xalan-j_2_7_0\xml-apis.jar;c:\dev\xalan\xalan-j_2_7_0\xsltc.jar
> javac -g ApplyXPathDOM.java
> java ApplyXPathDOM foo.xml /doc/name[1]/@last

As someone mentioned, you can use "cygpath -p" to convert a POSIX-style
path into a Win32-style one.

Alternatively, you can try using my java wrapper scripts that will do the
translation automatically for you (the scripts can be found at
you'll need to edit the scripts to point them to your Java installation

Or, since you're doing XML processing in Java, you might find XJ
(<http://www.research.ibm.com/xj/>) useful.  There's a prototype on IBM
alphaWorks (a free download), and it works under Cygwin.

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