nfs in client mode (winxp => linux)

Fri Sep 1 14:50:00 GMT 2006 wrote:
> I see lots of past messages here about setting up NFS in server mode,
> but very little in the other direction.
> Going far enough back there was quite a long thread about SFU
> (Services for unix) but I haven't been able to get that NFS client to
> work.  In fact I can't even really do anything with ksh shell it
> provides.  Every command gets a tty error.
> So has anything changed since the release of SFU 3.5?  That has been a
> good while.  Is there still no cygwin NFS client for windows? 

I use both SFU (3.5, pre-2003R2) and SUA (5.2, Win2003R2 and later) NFS 
clients without too much trouble (nothing that doesn't seem to be 
general sharing problems, anyway; mostly it works about as well as 
anything over ssh - i.e. poorly). The trick is getting user name mapping 
set up correctly. You might want to ask on the Interix forums 
( if things aren't working.

Unfortunately there is no NFS client (not that I've ever heard of, 
anyway) that plays nicely with Cygwin (true symlink and permissions 
support, for example).

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