tar 1.5.error: lone zero block

Lott, Jeremiah jeremiah.lott@timesys.com
Fri Sep 1 19:04:00 GMT 2006

I'm unpacking a tar that contains a linux root filesystem on my cygwin
machine.  I get a complaint about a "lone zero block" and the tar is not
completely extracted.  This is with tar 1.15.91-1, if I roll back to
1.15.1-4, then the problem goes away.  Appears to be a bug.  The same
thing happened for me on several different tars.  I attached both
sucessful and failure logs to this email.  Note that the messages about
filenames that contain ":", etc are expected, since that is an illegal
filename on windows.  You'll see those in both logs.

While I'm mentioning tar, I think I'll bring up again that I'm also
still seeing the following problem on both 1.15.1-4 and 1.15.91-1.  I'm
no longer running the snapshot, this is with the normal "released"
versions of everything.



  Jeremiah Lott
  TimeSys Corporation
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