cron job don't work correct

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Sun Sep 3 19:11:00 GMT 2006

Todde wrote:
> Igor Peshansky wrote:
>> On Fri, 1 Sep 2006, Todde wrote:
>>> With cygwin i want run a daily script that should build my source every
>>> day.
>>> I want do that with a cron job.
>>> [snip]
>>> Here is the problem:
>>> But i.e. if i call another script from the it don't work
>>> as a cronjob but it work when i enter it on the command line.
>>> [snip]
>>> Any ideas why the behaviour is so different between command line and cron
>>> job ??
>> Cron runs with different environment settings than your command line
>> (which uses a login shell).  You will need to either specify paths to
>> executables explicitly in your cron scripts, or run them using the login
>> bash shell (e.g., use this in your cron script:
>> /bin/bash -l -c ""
>> ).  It's usually better to go with explicit paths, though.
> Hi Igor,
> Thx for the answer. 
> Is there a possibility to set the cron environment variables in a file (i.e.
> crontab file) to  get always the same behaviour between cron and bash shell
> when i start cygwin? And which variables (settings) must i set ?

Typically the variables that matter are those that affect how commands you've
given are found, like PATH.  It's rare to require access to allot of other
environment variables for proper running and certainly it's buggy to build
your own scripts that rely too much on environment variables.  Obviously, if
you do need some set, include them in the script that cron will run.  But
you are better off providing full paths to executables in your cron scripts,
as Igor notes, and going without all the added complication of setting PATH.
If you have special needs to set variables, then the variables involved
are likely to be either immediately obvious or self-evident after reviewing
the man/info page for the utilities in use.

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