cron job don't work correct

René Berber
Sun Sep 3 22:08:00 GMT 2006

Todde wrote:
> Igor Peshansky wrote:
>> On Fri, 1 Sep 2006, Todde wrote:
>>> With cygwin i want run a daily script that should build my source every
>>> day.
>>> I want do that with a cron job.
>>> [snip]
>>> Here is the problem:
>>> But i.e. if i call another script from the it don't work
>>> as a cronjob but it work when i enter it on the command line.
>>> [snip]
>>> Any ideas why the behaviour is so different between command line and cron
>>> job ??
>> Cron runs with different environment settings than your command line
>> (which uses a login shell).  You will need to either specify paths to
>> executables explicitly in your cron scripts, or run them using the login
>> bash shell (e.g., use this in your cron script:
>> /bin/bash -l -c ""
> Hi Igor,
> Thx for the answer. 
> Is there a possibility to set the cron environment variables in a file (i.e.
> crontab file)

To complement the other replies, the version of cron included with Cygwin let's
you define environment variables inside crontab.

> to  get always the same behaviour between cron and bash shell
> when i start cygwin? And which variables (settings) must i set ?

That' something only you know, i.e. depends on what you are doing.
René Berber

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