cron job don't work correct

Thu Sep 7 06:53:00 GMT 2006

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> Typically the variables that matter are those that affect how commands
> you've
> given are found, like PATH.  It's rare to require access to allot of other
> environment variables for proper running and certainly it's buggy to build
> your own scripts that rely too much on environment variables.  Obviously,
> if
> you do need some set, include them in the script that cron will run.  But
> you are better off providing full paths to executables in your cron
> scripts,
> as Igor notes, and going without all the added complication of setting
> If you have special needs to set variables, then the variables involved
> are likely to be either immediately obvious or self-evident after
> reviewing
> the man/info page for the utilities in use.
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Hi guys,
thanks for the help. I add the environment variables "SHELL=/bin/bash" and
"PATH=/bin:/etc:/usr/sbin" directly in my crontab file. Now it works fine.

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