probe and set terminal type when shell is spawned

Carlo Florendo
Fri Sep 8 01:32:00 GMT 2006


Is it possible for me to automatically set the TERM variable in bash 
depending on the type of my terminal.

For example, these are the things I want to accomplish:

1.  If I ssh into the cygwin box from an xterm on a Linux box, I would 
like TERM=xterm-color.
2.  If I simply spawn a DOS-like shell, I'd like TERM=ansi
3.  If I spawn an rxvt console, I'd like TERM=xterm.

I know this can be done manually but would it be possible for us to 
create a script to do this?
If so, what cygwin program can we use to probe the terminal type of the 
connecting client?

Thank you very much!  

Best Regards,


Carlo Florendo
Network Administrator
Astra Philippines Inc. (
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