New binutil target PE+ vista & xp64 and COFF format for cpu x86_64

Roland Schwingel
Fri Sep 8 09:10:00 GMT 2006

Hi... wrote on 08.09.2006 10:33:04:

 > Hallo,
 > I sent to binutils the patch for the new x86_64-pc-mingw64 as cross
 > target.I was asked to post about this patch also to you. May this new
 > target is of some interest to you and you can help me to verify this
 > patch, because at the binutils there are not much windows users :|
 > Best regards,
 >  i.A. Kai Tietz
 > PS: You can find the patch in the thread "Re: PE+ and new COFF format 
 > x86_64 target for XP64 and Vista binaries"
 > (I tested it with cygwin and linux environment)
The patch to binutils is posted here

We started to prepare the gnu toolchain to allow building 64bit windows
applications. This so affects binutils, gcc, mingw and also cygwin.

We have a bunch of this already running allowing to build native
64bit windows apps (mingw) so it is getting time to contribute our changes
back to the mainline, so other people can use it for their projects.

Kai Tietz is acting as lead developer for the changes to the gnu tool chain.
So main discussion will go over him. We are also in the phase of signing all
needed FSF assignments so all changes could safely be taken, if you are 
with the way they were made.

As of the fact the changes are covering a big range and several projects 
it will
for sure take a considerable amount of time and needs to be coordinated.

i.A. Roland Schwingel

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