Need Volunteers to test patch for gnu make

William A. Hoffman
Fri Sep 8 16:37:00 GMT 2006

At 04:34 PM 9/5/2006, Bob Rossi wrote:
>On Tue, Sep 05, 2006 at 03:36:02PM -0400, William A. Hoffman wrote:
>> I have tested it and it works for me.   William Sheehan 
>> has also tested it.   Can a few more folks give the patch a try?
>> Here is the link to the most recent patch:
>> Just get the source for make-3.81 and apply the above patch.
>> You can get make from here:
>> You will need to rerun autoconf/automake after the patch,
>> as the patch does not include the configure script.  Once
>> you build it, run make check to verify that the build is working.
>> Also, please try with any makefiles that you have and need to work
>> with windows paths. 
>This works for me. Thanks for the great work!
>Our system used to build with 3.80 from cygwin, it did not build with 3.81
>from cygwin, and now works with native build of make with the patch
>above on cygwin.

Thanks Bob.   OK, so that is three people that have tested this patch.
Please try the patch if you use make.  DOS paths will be on by DEFAULT
and there will be no way to turn it off.   We want to make sure this does
not break any POSIX based makefiles.   


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