cygwin installation batch file?

Tue Sep 12 00:56:00 GMT 2006

I have used cygwin for many years and now am in a situation
where I need/want to install it on 30 or so windows xp boxes.
Does someone have a batch file I can adapt to my situation?
I've started on one at work (no access to it at the moment)
that attempts to copy setup.exe from a local mirror I've
created, c:, mkdir \cygwin, cd \cygwin, copy \\host\cygwin\setup.exe,
and then I get into a problem trying to get setup.exe to run.

The command (at work, so I'm going from memory) I'm trying to use
is 'setup.exe --download --site http://host/cygwin --no-shortcuts
--no-desktop perl rsync cvs ssh cygserv'. I am following up the
installation with cd bin, bash.exe --login -i -c '/usr/bin/mkpasswd
--local > /etc/passwd', bash --login -i -c '/usr/bin/mkgroup
--local > /etc/group', bash ... wait, this is confusing...

mkdir \cygwin
cd \cygwin
copy \\host\cygwin\setup.exe
setup --download --site http://host/cygwin --no-shortcuts \
		--no-desktop perl rsync cvs ssh cygserv
bash.exe --login -i -c '/usr/bin/mkpasswd --local > /etc/passwd
bash.exe --login -i -c '/usr/bin/mkgroup --local > /etc/group
bash.exe --login -i -c '/usr/bin/ssh-keygen'
bash.exe --login -i -c '/usr/bin/ssh-host-config --yes'
net start sshd

That's what I've tried so far (from memory). Does someone have
a script that does the above and works? :)


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