Autonomous xinetd

Paul Coiner
Tue Sep 12 13:48:00 GMT 2006

Good day all,

Let me preceed my question by thanking everyone for
taking the time to look at this.

I am trying to get xinetd to run as a service under
windows without the full installation of cygwin.  The
only service that I have configured is the cygwin ssh
client.  The purpose of this is to have dynamic ssh
tunnels built on demand when an application accesses
the ports, ssh will then proxy all communication via
connect.c on the remote computer.  This works
splendedly on *nix to *nix and even from within the
full cygwin environment.

I have all of the respective .dll's in the proper
directory and xinetd starts properly both from the cmd
line and from the service, however when communication
comes into xinetd and it triggers ssh, I am getting
"Permission denied (errno = 13)"  This occurs
regardless of if xinetd is started via cmd line or via
the service.  I have tried multiple accounts and
changed the xinetd.conf to reflect them.  I even
created a local account that has the following
permissions and made it a member of the local
administrators group:

Act as part of the operating system
Impersonate a client after authentication
Log on as a service
Replace a process level token

Here is a directory listing:

07/05/2006  01:27 AM            22,016 cat.exe
07/05/2006  01:27 AM            34,304 chmod.exe
07/05/2006  01:27 AM            39,424 chown.exe
06/01/2006  12:12 PM         1,074,688
11/19/2005  10:25 PM           969,728 cygiconv-2.dll
11/19/2005  10:13 PM            31,744 cygintl-3.dll
10/22/2004  04:28 PM            20,992 cygminires.dll
07/30/2006  02:22 PM         1,875,110 cygwin1.dll
08/22/2005  10:03 PM            66,048 cygz.dll
09/06/2006  01:15 PM               395
04/18/2003  06:05 PM            32,256 instsrv.exe
09/12/2006  09:23 AM               273 log.txt
07/05/2006  01:27 AM            91,136 ls.exe
09/06/2006  10:14 AM                35 services
04/18/2003  06:06 PM             8,192 srvany.exe
03/29/2006  08:35 AM            94,720 ssh-keygen.exe
03/29/2006  08:35 AM           236,032 ssh.exe
05/07/2006  04:30 PM         1,363,968 vim.exe
09/12/2006  08:50 AM               283 xinetd.conf
11/15/2002  09:02 PM           140,800 xinetd.exe

I have even gone so far as chmod 777 * on all the
files just to make sure that wasn't the issue.

Finally, here is the output of the logfile:

C:\xinetd>cat log.txt
06/9/12@09:23:24 xinetd[5312]: NOTICE: xinetd Version
2.3.9 started with no options compiled in.
06/9/12@09:23:24 xinetd[5312]: NOTICE: Started
working: 1 available service
06/9/12@09:23:36 xinetd[5388]: ERROR: execv(
c:\xinetd\ssh ) failed: Permission denied (errno = 13)

Also, this is the xinetd.conf file.

service test
     flags           = REUSE
     socket_type     = stream
     wait            = no
     user            = serviceadmin
     server          = c:\xinetd\ssh
     server_args     = -T -q test@ connect 23
     disable         = no


Kindest Regards,

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