Services stopping/dying under load

Rob Bosch
Tue Sep 12 13:52:00 GMT 2006

Using cygwin1.dll from cvs checked out on 9/8.  I built rsync using the
cygwin development package from cvs and also have openssh (not recompiled)
from cygwin package 1.5.21-1.  Both these are running as services on Windows
2003 SP1 x64 using cygrunsrv.  Under load, both the processes die.  An
example would be when 10-15 simultaneous ssh and/or rsync sessions are
attempted.  All rsync sessions are running over ssh tunnels.

Any suggestions on why this would be occurring?  Anything in the latest cvs
version that may address the problem?  The logs for rsync and ssh don't show
any errors, they just stop.  Each of the daemon processes is spawning forks
for each connection.

At first I thought maybe it was the package but I'm seeing both processes
die so I thought I'd check here as well.

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