Potential bug in sshd

Tristen Hayfield hayfietj@mcmaster.ca
Tue Sep 12 17:09:00 GMT 2006

Michael Sowka wrote:
> Thanks Rob,
> Ah yes, this explains the "zombie" processes as I cannot make actual
> client connections.
> Something is very bizarre with my cygwin setup here. I've noticed
> other symptoms too: on reinstalling cygwin the info-update and cygwing
> post-install scripts hang. In fact, after the cygwin install
> supposedly finished, on logging out windows complained that 'cygwin
> post-install scripts' were still up and it couldn't kill them.

I have had this problem too before with hanging scripts. After looking
at the offending scripts, I determined that they all had for-loops, and
they were hanging while executing them.  I then reformatted the
for-loops from:
for file in ${glob}; do

for file in ${glob}

and they worked. Give it a try, but of course, since I can't claim to
understand the cause of this issue, YMMV.


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