Resource Temporarily Unavailble (Message Too Long) Solved

Chris McIntosh
Tue Sep 12 17:28:00 GMT 2006

First before I get your hopes up. Cygwin maps many errors to EAGAIN
which is outputed as Resource Temporarily Unavailable.

The one I am referring to is win error 234 (ERROR_MORE_DATA)  that
Christopher Faylor recently changed to report error "Message Too

The root cause was that our environment block was greater than 32K
characters. Some script in our build flow was defining 29000
characters worth of environment variables which made us hit the
Windows ANSI string limit.

Microsoft recommended that we use the unicode CreateProcess and
specify CREATE_UNICIODE_ENVIRONMENT flag, this would allow cygwin not
to hit this 32K limit.

Thought I would put it to the list, to see if anyone has investigated
this, or has any reasons as to why we shouldn't do this.

Chris McIntosh

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