1.5.21: Unable to copy/move autorun.inf on mapped drives

Brian Davidson Brian.Davidson@tiecommerce.com
Tue Sep 12 19:44:00 GMT 2006

Please disregard - the latest McAfee Virus Scan (Enterprise 8) flags
this file and is "trying" to protect hijacks.  It'd be nice if that got
logged somewhere.

Disabling my On-Demand Scan, I was able to create the file, rename,
move, etc.  So, this is a non-issue.  Thanks for your help though, Dave!

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Dave -

I have confirmed that I can perform this action to remote network shares
without any problem, and I have simplified the test to "touch a ; mv a
autorun.inf" and it still gives me a permission denied error, so we can
rule out permissions I think.

It's file name specific, as I can do the same test with any other name
and have no problems.

For kicks, I made a C:\a share (different local drive from before), gave
it full NTFS permissions to everyone, shared it to everyone with full
control, and when I mapped my X: drive to it, I encountered the exact
same issue.  I can't loosen the permissions any more than that.

Any other ideas?

RE: 1.5.21: Unable to copy/move autorun.inf on mapped drives

    * From: "Dave Korn" <dave dot korn at artimi dot com>
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    * Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 14:58:39 +0100
    * Subject: RE: 1.5.21: Unable to copy/move autorun.inf on mapped

On 12 September 2006 14:33, Brian Davidson wrote:

> I have been using Cygwin for years to automatically produce 
> InstallShield installations for our company.  After formatting my PC 
> and installing the latest available Cygwin release, I believe I have 
> found a very obscure bug which only seems to impact autorun.inf and 
> only on mapped drives.  I could not reproduce this issue on a local 
> drive with the same or different autorun.inf file.  Being in software 
> QA, I have tried as many scenarios as I could think of, but being 
> human, I'm willing to admit I may have missed something.

  The fact that cygwin and windows have different permissions schemes,
most likely.

> To reproduce:
> 1.  Create a folder on any drive
> 2.  Share that folder
> 3.  Map that folder to any available drive letter (i.e. net use X:
> \\machinename\share)
> 4.  Using Windows Explorer, copy an autorun.inf file into this 
> directory.

  Is it the name of this file that matters, or the contents?

  Or is it the permissions?

  Or is it where I get it from?  Does it matter whether the autorun.inf
came from a CD or was somewhere on your HD already?  Where did you get
yours from.

> 5.  Open a Windows Command Prompt and cd to the mapped drive where the

> file was placed.
> 6.  Type "ren autorun.inf test.txt"
> TEST 1: Proving the process works outside of Cygwin:
> 7.  Type "copy test.txt autorun.inf".  This should succeed and you 
> wind up with 2 identical files.

  Identical in all respects except perms, I'd bet.  copy doesn't
preserve the ACLs, it creates a new file using your user id's default
ACL.  You need to use xcopy with the `-O' option.

> 8.  Type "del autorun.inf" to revert the environment for the next
> TEST 2: Proving the process does not work in Cygwin:
> 9.  Open Cygwin BASH shell
> 10.  cd to the mapped drive (/cygdrive/x for example) 11.  Type "cp 
> test.txt autorun.inf".  You should get a "Permission denied" error.

  Nope, worked fine for me.  Then again I created an empty .inf file by
using cygwin's touch command.

> As I said, I have used this process for years without incident.  To 
> work around this, I chose to use subst and endure the consequences on 
> Windows, but this is a problem nonetheless.
> I would like to know if anyone else can (or has) reproduced this 
> issue, as I have not found anything specific on this in the newsgroups

> or FAQ's.

  If you copied the .inf file from a CD, it will have ended up with the
readonly attribute set.  Check if that's making a difference.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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