bash-3.1-7 BUG

Eric Blake
Wed Sep 13 04:13:00 GMT 2006

> I have extracted very short script which fails by bash-3.1-7,
> while runs successfully 3.1-6 ofcorse.
> While the attached script has \r\n style end of line format,
> it shoud run normally since accessed through "text mount" point.

Does it work if you convert it to \n line endings, using d2u?

> [~/work] mount | grep tmp
> D:\users\hagiwara\tmp on /tmp type user (binmode)
> D:\users\hagiwara\tmp on /tmp2 type system (textmode)

Why are you mounting the same physical directory to two
different posix paths with different options?  I'm not sure
that will always work the way you expect, although I doubt
it explains the problems you are seeing.

At any rate, thanks for narrowing down your application
to a smaller test case; I'll see what I can find with it.  Any
chance you can convince your mailer to send text files
with a text mime type?  In the meantime, since 3.1-7 is
marked experimental and was not working for you, you
are under no obligation to use it.

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin bash maintainer

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