diff3.exe: *** recreate_mmaps_after_fork_failed

Pete Forman pete.forman@westerngeco.com
Wed Sep 13 08:45:00 GMT 2006

I am unable to run diff3 under XEmacs.  Plain diff on 2 files works,
as does diff3 from a bash command line.  Diff3 had worked some time
ago but I don't recall what versions I'd have been using.

The *ediff-diff* buffer contains these two lines, split for Usenet.

  11675 [main] diff3 584 fhandler_dev_zero::fixup_mmap_after_fork:
    requested 0x410000 != 0x0 mem alloc base 0x410000, state 0x1000,
    size 266240, Win32 error 487
  11885 [main] diff3 584 d:\Program Files\Cygwin\bin\diff3.exe:
    *** fatal error - d:\Program Files\Cygwin\bin\diff3.exe:
    *** recreate_mmaps_after_fork_failed

I've just downloaded and run rebaseall but it makes no difference.  It
only targets DLLs, should I try running rebase on diff3.exe?

cygwin               1.5.21-2
diffutils            2.8.7-1
rebase               2.4.3-1

XEmacs 21.5.17 native build
XP SP2 with 2GB of RAM

There are several related reports on this list but none seems to have
an appropriate solution.
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