Cygwin filesystem

Jim Drash
Mon Sep 18 20:24:00 GMT 2006

> >So let me get this right.  Because Windows Search is slow you want
> >have cygwin put its files a different partition? Cygwin's setup put
> >the files exactly where you told it.  It suggested C:\cygwin to you
> >but you did not have to put them there.  You made the choice and it is
> >very easy to move them if you want to.
> Be careful with what you write! I meant "to put files into a virtual filesystem", not partition in > the Windows terms. You suggest C:\cygwin and instead of the big folder C:\cygwin\usr
> there will be one big file. When you run Cygwin, this file will be mounted as /usr folder. Have > you ever mounted iso-images on Linux? It's absolutely the same principle. You mount it into > a folder in f.ex. /mnt/iso directory and access its files as on normal filesystem (be it ro or rw).

I wrote exact what I meant.  In the Cygwin Setup it asks for
Installation Root directory.  You don't have to have that set to
C:\cygwin, you can put it anywhere as long as Windows sees it as a
valid windows directory.  The mounts are controlled via a registry
entry or via a mount command. If you originally put them on C:\cygwin,
you can copy files to the new directory and edit the registry and
change the cygwin.bat.

If you want to have a virtual file system for cygwin, rock on. The
bottom line is that if Windows can't see it as a "directory" won't

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