Read not honouring "-r"?

Irwin, Doug
Tue Sep 19 03:05:00 GMT 2006


I am working on a script which monitors mounts for free space.

It does this by reading from a config file (surprise) consisting of
mount, threshold, threshold.

One would expect a "read -r fs t2 t3" to process this without attempting
to expand slashes.  But I can't seem to get this bit working... And I
can't seem to find any doco on doing that in Cygwin.

The files I am using are tagged on the and in the hope that someone can
help me work this out.  Sorry, but the mailservers blocks them otherwise

No doubt I have missed something rather obvious.

Any assistance greatly appreciated!


grep -v '^#' $FSCFG > /tmp/fscfg$$

while read -r fs t2 t3
        echo "$fs"
        echo "$t2"
        echo "$t3"
done < /tmp/fscfg$$
/               200     200
/c              200     200
/d              200     200
/usr/bin                200     200
/usr/lib                200     200

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