fontconfig & imagemagick

Wynfield Henman
Tue Sep 19 04:19:00 GMT 2006

While building ImageMagick ImageMagick-6.2.9, I found out the the
currently distributed
cygwin fontconfig version to be too old (version 2.2 or so). and two
years of developed have resulted in a (as of now) fontconfig-2.4.1.

I found that this also builds well in the cygwin developement
environment and seems to be aware of installing the
usr/bin/cygfontconfig-1.dll files as well (As long as x-windows is not

New version of fontconfig as found at:

New version of ImageMagick found at:

I don't know how to find out who is in charge of the fontcont, but it
should be updated for everyone.  I don't beleive I found ImageMagick
in cygwin's respository, but is was a
straight process to build.


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