Cygwin as SSH Client Problem

René Berber
Tue Sep 19 06:44:00 GMT 2006

Panos Katergiathis wrote:

> I am using cygwin as ssh client in order to administrate a linux
> machine. All is ok, except when running (on the remote machine) programs
> like Midnight Commander, whereas the lines (ncurses?) appear as garbage.

That's not a ssh problem, it's the terminal type and/or font you are using.

> When running Midnight Commander locally (via cygwin) such lines appear
> properly.
> So i figure that it has to do something with the way cygwin emulates the
> terminal of the remote machine.
> Unfortunately, this is as far as i can go. Any further help will be
> greatly appreciated.

Do "echo $TERM" and if the result is somethig like "cygwin" then I think that is the problem because there is a good chance that the remote system doesn't know that type of terminal.

Solution: set (in the remote computer) TERM to ansi or xterm if you are using rxvt.
René Berber

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