cygrunsrv -y question

McGraw, Robert P.
Tue Sep 19 19:10:00 GMT 2006

I am running sshd and inetd on a Window 2003 server. When I reboot the W2K3
server, inetd does not seem to work. If I restart this seems to fix the

I surmised, and some new groups verified, that it is probably the start up
order. It seem that I need to add the "-y service_name" parameter when I
start cygrunsrv to indicate a dependence.

If I go to "computer management/services" I see the column header "Name"
which is "Cygwin sshd" but that seems to be a display name. 

What is the right service_name to use with the -y parameter? Where would I
find the service_name?



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