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Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Wed Sep 20 01:19:00 GMT 2006 wrote:
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>>> Hi folk,
>>> I have the problem that I could not see the files as normal user
> form a
>>> mounted usb drive.
>>> After the usb drive is attaced to the computer it is mountet and I
> could
>>> use it under windows. I could also use the mounted drive unter the
> admin
>>> account who installed cygwin.
>>> But as a normal user I have no access to the drive. The mount point
>>> looks like an empty directory.
>>> Cygwin is installed for all users, so that also a normal user should
> see
>>> the data on the drive.
>>> What could I do to get it run?
>> Start here:
>>> Problem reports:
>> Please *attach* the cygcheck output as the admin and with the usb
> drive
>> mounted.
> I have attached the cygchegk output. Sorry took some time
> Thank for any help 

OK, there's nothing obviously wrong there, as would be expected from your
previous report.  How about providing the same info from your other account
and giving an example of failing operations?

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