Linking Assembly Code - Can't resolve printf

Brian Dessent
Wed Sep 20 07:23:00 GMT 2006

David Lariviere wrote:

>         movl $0, %ebx
>         movl $1, %eax
>         int $0x80
> ...
> I've tried linking in numerous libraries, hoping one would resolve printf,
> and in numerous order of where to include the -lxxx, but I can't get it to
> compile. I've also tried it on numerous computers, including those with a
> first-time fresh install of cygwin. Compiling a simple helloworld C program
> works fine.

Even if you were able to resolve printf this code will never work.  Int
0x80 is how syscalls work on linux but it is completely different under
Windows.  Cygwin offers API not ABI compatibility.


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