simply cygwin1.dll

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Thu Sep 21 03:31:00 GMT 2006

Christopher Layne wrote:
> May seem sort of newbish, but I just noticed that one cannot move cygwin1.dll
> into place after removing the old one. For instance, if I download a snapshot
> to some tmp directory, exit all cygwin related apps and use explorer to move
> the new dll from the tmp to c:\cygwin\bin - I'll get the standard crop of
> bad dll related failures. However if I *copy* the file (ctrl-drag) things
> work fine.  I presume this is some kind of windows dll manipulation thing or
> is it just my system?

Hard to say without seeing what you're seeing (insert standard plug for
<> here ;-) ).  The standard problem when
doing what you're doing is forgetting to stop services.  Other than that,
your basic description fits my modus-operandi for replacing the DLL
manually.  So perhaps it is just your system. ;-)

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