downgrading make version

David Mastronarde
Thu Sep 21 04:35:00 GMT 2006

I tried this version and it solved two problems that I had with
dependencies being incorrectly interpreted as target patterns.  But then I 
got another problem. In my Makefile I have:

(CP) = \cp

install: $(PROGS)

And I get from make install:

\cp nda.exe mtk.exe sda.exe /home/mast/CYGMOD/bin
make: \cp: Command not found


Quoting William Hoffman:

"If you are interested in downgrading to get dos driver letter 
to work.  (i.e. c:/foo/bar.)  Please try the patched version of make 3.81.

Please report back to this list if you have any issues with this version
of make.


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