cron - error starting a service

Harig, Mark
Thu Sep 21 15:12:00 GMT 2006

> $ /usr/bin/ This also did not find any errors. The
> displayed version of this is 1.10. The revision in the source is 1.3
> 2004/12/21 16:14:4. Whereas the previous "older" version I was trying
> before displays 1.8. Is my /usr/bin/ really the latest
> version?

The version number reported by the script is different from the version
reported by CVS because several versions were "released" before the
project accepted the script.

If you want to find out whether the script is the one installed with
your installation of 'cron', you can uninstall 'cron' via setup.exe,
and then re-install it.  The script is no longer independent of the
'cron' package, but is included with it.

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