tr command suddenly behaves differently

Sun Sep 24 06:22:00 GMT 2006

> There's your problem.  You didn't quote properly.  Try:
> $ echo [:upper:] [:lower:]
> to see what you were really invoking, then try:
> $ tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'
> to do what you meant.
> My guess is that you have a file in your home directory that uses a single
> letter, so the bracket expansion of bash took effect and expanded to that
> filename rather than passing through the regex that you thought you typed.

Thanks I had a filename "l" which was giving trouble.

> By the way, none of this is cygwin specific.

The /etc/profile had this code hence I thought it is bug in the cygwin 
system. May be this is fixed in the newer versions.
case "`echo "$0" | /usr/bin/tr [:upper:] [:lower:]`" in
bash     | -bash     | */bash | \
bash.exe | -bash.exe | */bash.exe )
        # Set a HOSTNAME variable
        export HOSTNAME



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