Speeding up Cygwin deployment

Vinod Gupta vinod@Princeton.EDU
Mon Sep 25 05:05:00 GMT 2006

> Yes. You're better off setting up a package server. See:
> <http://sources.redhat.com/cygwin-apps/package-server.html>
> From this you can control the packages installed but can use 'setup.exe' to
> install, which understands how to unpack packages, symlinks, and run
> postinstall scripts.  Also, you'll have a server from which to roll out any
> updates conveniently.
> --
> Larry Hall                              http://www.rfk.com

I was looking at the Cygwin installation FAQs, which says that 
"setup.exe" method can not run in unattended mode. For the same reason, 
WinXP's builtin zipper can not be scripted either. Using info-zip's 
stand-alone binaries zip.exe+unzip.exe are perfect for my purpose except 
the presence of files like atobm.1.html which are not visible to 
info-zip or any DOS application. Why Cygwin need to create these types 
of files while the files like allec.1 serve better i.e seen as symlink 
by cygwin, as shortcut by Windows, also visible to DOS apps. Presence of 
atobm.1.html like files makes WinXP's builtin unzipper crawl to its 
knees. What kind of files are these?


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