Perl's use locale don't work on Cygwin ?

Sergei Kolodka
Mon Sep 25 12:30:00 GMT 2006

Hello, Yitzchak,

YST> Letting perl know what the encoding of your data is should enable /i to work
YST> correctly.  How you would do this depends on what exactly you are doing; it
YST> may just require a "use encoding 'cp1251';".  (I assume 2151 was a typo.)

Well, all I got was perfectly formed UTF8 output, and this is
not what I've been looking for because now I need somehow to
convert UTF8 input to CP1251 to be able to use for database
query and ... yes, again do case-insensitive regex on it.

As soon as missing locale is an issue for lots of application,
including Perl and Postgress, and as soon as maintainers of newlib
do not have time or do not want to add this functionality maybe it's
possible to add some hooks to use Windows' native locale support ?
ActivePerl and MySQL guys did it, it's far from being perfect but
at least it works.

Sergei Kolodka

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