Perl's use locale don't work on Cygwin ?

Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes
Tue Sep 26 00:25:00 GMT 2006

Sergei Kolodka wrote:
> YST> Letting perl know what the encoding of your data is should enable /i
> to work
> YST> correctly.  How you would do this depends on what exactly you are
> doing; it
> YST> may just require a "use encoding 'cp1251';".  (I assume 2151 was a
> typo.)
> Well, all I got was perfectly formed UTF8 output, and this is
> not what I've been looking for because now I need somehow to
> convert UTF8 input to CP1251 to be able to use for database
> query and ... yes, again do case-insensitive regex on it.

I'm not sure what you mean by that last part, but if you need to
explicitly use it as cp1251, you'd do $cp1251_octets =
Encode::encode('cp1251', $data).

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