Install hangs

Artie Ziff
Tue Sep 26 04:22:00 GMT 2006

I recently experienced a similar scenario, posted a general description
of the user experience (with some questions) in an attempt to elicit
general comments. I rcv'd the same response as those before me... as is
evidenced in the archives. That is, no response. I suppose the
philosophy is: if there is no response then no problem exists. ;-)

On Mon, 2006-09-25 at 14:38 -1000, Eric Mader wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to update my Cygwin installation using setup.exe v. 2.510.2.2 
> (the latest as of a few hours ago). When I run setup, after downloading 
> and verifying MD5 checksums, it hangs at:
> Running preremove script...
> automake-devel
> There's no significant CPU or disk activity, and the Task Manager 
> reports setup as "running". I'm running XP SP2 on a TP R50p.
> Does anybody have any idea what's going on here, and how to work around it?
> Regards,
> Eric Mader
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