cron - error starting a service

David Rekas
Tue Sep 26 04:23:00 GMT 2006

Thanks Pierre, your first suggestion has got this over the line. Given
that this development is for a dedicated machine with a single generic
username I will stick with the "myself" option for the time being.

The interesting thing is I just managed to configure, successfully start
the cron service, and run scheduled tasks with my username which
contains a space.

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I am stumped and can only suggest some debugging. Here are some ideas:

- Can you start cron running as yourself (option in cron-config) ?
  Remember, cron won't process users with spaces, but the daemon
  should keep running.

- Can you start anything under cygrunsrv? For example a bash script
  in /usr/sbin that writes into some file in /var/log, sleeps for 10 s,
then exits

- Run as SYSTEM. Ways to do that have been posted on the list. My usual
  is to have inetd running with telnetd enabled. Temporarily clear the
  password field in /etc/password and specify a home dir and a shell for
  then telnet into localhost as SYSTEM.
  Try to launch cron from the shell and see if there is any error

I will be away for the next 10 days, so don't expect feedback from me
past this PM.


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