New windows from cygwin in ssh

Igor Peshansky
Tue Sep 26 12:27:00 GMT 2006

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On Tue, 26 Sep 2006, Pavel Ivanoff wrote:

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> > Subject: New windows from cygwin in ssh
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> > Hi, all!
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> > Tell me please were there any changes to cygwin that made such
> > behaviour: when launch from cygwin bash shell any windows program like
> > notepad, for example, it normally opens its window and I can work with
> > it. But when I enter to cygwin via ssh from Linux-machine or even from
> > local cygwin bash, launching notepad hangs and doesn't seem to open
> > any windows or to do any other work. I can terminate this hanging by
> > Ctrl+C, of cause, but problem is that I can't invoke any
> > windows-program from cygwin via ssh. In cygwin release of March 01,
> > 2005 this launching works as I expect it, but in release of January
> > 20, 2006 it doesn't. Were there some changes that did block this
> > functionality for some reason?
> Can anybody help me with this problem? There is some guess that this
> happens due to some Local Security Policy on Windows XP (I know that in
> last versions of cygwin sshd requires several settings in Local Security
> Policy to work correctly). But I can't understand what policy prohibits
> to make desktop windows over ssh...

You weren't clear on exactly what you want to happen.  If you wish to see
the window pop up on the remote machine's desktop, you need to add the
"Allow service to interact with desktop" checkmark in the sshd service
description (or, alternatively, install it with the '-i' cygrunsrv flag).

If you want the window to be forwarded over to the local machine (i.e.,
the one you're ssh'ing from), that is not currently possible with Windows.
One thing you can try is use a tool like VNC (which you can forward over
ssh, too).
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